Kyoto Japan
Kyoto International School

Kyoto International School is a creative and innovative school with 60 years of history. Our solid foundation of values and our mission to make the school a fun and collaborative community that inspires and challenges, enabling students to thrive and take responsibility anywhere in the world makes us a great choice for anyone looking for an international education.

Kyoto International School is in the heart of one of the world’s best known cities. Our students are readily able to access the city’s cultural richness, historical traditions, and modern innovations.

What we are proud of at Kyoto International School is our community. Our students, teachers and parents work together to ensure our school is safe and secure, provides quality education and encourages lifelonglearning. The small, intimate size of our classes enables us to know our students and families well. We encourage inclusion, open communication and mutual respect.

Our curriculum is significant, meaningful, engaging and challenging. The International Baccalaureate Organisation’s Primary Years Programme provides the framework to develop the thinking, communication, social, self-management and research skills our students need for success in the 21st century. We endeavour to nurture the whole child: cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially. Our students are encouraged to take action as a result of their learning, either on a personal level or with a wider community.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.


Kyoto International School (KIS) has been serving the beautiful city of Kyoto since 1957. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB). The school is known for its inclusive sense of community and personalised learning for every student. As a not-for-profit school KIS can channel all our resources into effective learning and developing students who thrive in positively influencing the global community.

  • Day school tuition No Information
  • Grades for day school Pre-K/Reception -
    10th Grade/Year 11
  • Scholarships Available Yes
  • Number of Students 120
  • Year founded 1957
  • Boarding school tuition No Information
  • Curricula IB Primary Years, IB Middle Years
  • Type Co-ed


We are accredited by and affiliated with a range of regional and international educational bodies. 

  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ASC WASC) since 1992 
  • International Baccalaureate Organisation: Primary Years Programme since 2006 & Middle Years Programme since 2022
  • East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) 
  • World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA International School Consortium) 
  • Japan Council of International Schools (JCIS) since 1972


Scholarships are available for children of researchers or scholars who are visiting Kyoto for a finite period. Scholarships include a 30% reduction in tuition for students in PYP and a 20% reduction in tuition for MYP students. 100% of all other fees must be paid.


Pre-K & Kindergarten

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten program is available for students from 4 to 6 years of age. We use the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) to frame our program, aiming to encourage children to develop a love of learning. We believe that children are active, competent, curious, intelligent, expressive and compassionate. These fundamental beliefs inform all of our interactions and engagements with children. The ultimate goal of our Early Years Program is to allow a space for the child to construct his or her own powers of thinking through all of their expressive, communicative and cognitive languages.

We believe a play-based approach is essential for young children’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical and brain development. Through play, children construct meaning and define themselves as members of a learning community. Through play-based learning, young learners develop by collaborating, making judgments, learning how to learn and becoming increasingly autonomous with the support of involved educators who understand the educational potential of play. They also begin to develop the academic skills necessary to succeed.

Primary Years

Our Primary School uses the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) as our curriculum framework which fulfils the needs of students regardless of where they have lived in the world. Through the IBPYP curriculum framework we consistently aim to have learning for all of students to be significant, relevant, meaningful and challenging.

We apply a constructivist approach where students are actively engaged in guided inquiry and are given opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning. It is an active process in which our students are encouraged to construct new understandings from their learning experiences. We strive to help our students to become lifelong learners, via providing learning experiences which are planned to develop approaches to learning: thinking skills, self-management skills, social skills, research skills and communication skills.

Middle School

Our Middle School implements the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) as our curriculum framework that supports all students to develop as active learners, global citizens and international minded individuals. Through our inquiry based, constructivist curriculum framework we consistently aim for learning to be significant, relevant, meaningful and challenging.

The urriculum is comprised of eight subject groups that focus on development of conceptual understanding and interdisciplinary learning that prepares students for success in further studies and in life. In the Middle School Program, students can choose to study Language Acquisition Japanese or Language and Literature Japanese. - Learn More -

The Approaches to Learning and Learner Profile are a consistent part of teaching and learning at Kyoto International School from the PYP into the MYP. The Approaches to Learning grow five core skill areas: thinking skills, self-management skills, social skills, research skills and communication skills. The Learner Profile are ten attributes of human beings that enable students to become responsible members of local, national and global communities. Through development of these skills and attributes, students are able to become lifelong learners who can flourish anywhere in the world.

Admissions Information

  • Students can join after the academic year begins Yes
  • Waiting List No


  • Assigns homework Yes
  • Use of technology in the classroom Yes
  • Language of instruction English
  • ELL support Yes
  • Teacher/Student ratio 1:6
  • Gifted and talented student support No
  • Learning support Yes
  • Native English teachers Yes
  • Languages taught English
  • Number of teaching staff 16
  • Examinations available International Schools' Assessment - ISA

Teacher Qualifications

IB PYP Teachers & IB MYP Teachers

Are all the teachers at KIS qualified?
Yes, trained teachers from English-speaking nations are recruited worldwide for their qualifications, expertise, and international teaching experience.


As a growing child, the most important thing that students need at home is plenty of love, sleep, mother tongue conversations, and nutritious meals.

At KIS we believe that home support and practice of skills is essential to academic development.

Use of technology in the classroom

School wide access to Google Suite Education, Adobe Suite, Chromebooks, MacBooks, iMacs, and Projectors.

Each classroom has a Aruba wifi 6 access point connected with Apple TV, Chromecast, TV, and iPad(s).

School Life

  • Bus service No
  • Sports teams available No
  • Pastoral Care Yes
  • Do students practice religion at the school No
  • School start time 8:30 am
  • School end time 3:30 pm (2:30 pm on Wednesday)
  • Max class size 22
  • School provides lunch Yes
  • Supervised care before or after school Yes
  • Uniform required No
  • Access to an educational psychologist No
  • Student nationalities 20
  • Average class size 12

Bus Service

City center location with bus stop near entrance gates

School Lunch

Local catering of Japanese student lunch box

Supervised Care

We offer after school care for students enrolled in the school from 2:30 to 5:00 pm. This service is charged at 500 JPY per 30 minutes.

Sports Teams

Soccer and Aikido lessons are provided after-school by external providers on our campus.



Extracurricular Activities

We also offer paid after-school lessons, which are run by outside providers and teachers. These activities include programming, video production, ballet, soccer, ikebana, aikido, and piano lessons.

University Relations

  • University counseling No

Is there an English language program?

On Saturdays, we offer an English immersion program for students between 3 and 12 years-old.

What countries do teachers come from?

KIS hires only licensed and qualified teachers from English speaking nations like Canada, USA, England, Australia, India and Philippines. These demographics are also seen in the student body. KIS also employs Japanese nationals with roles as language teachers, teaching assistants, or administrative duties.

Does KIS accept short-term students?

Yes, students can be accepted entry to the school and may withdrawal at any date. Please note that tuition and building fees are paid by semester and a minimum charge of four months tuition will be required.