Taikoo Shing Hong Kong
Delia School of Canada, Taikoo Shing Campus

Thank you for considering Delia School of Canada.


  • Day school tuition No Information
  • Grades for day school Pre-K/Reception -
    12th Grade/Year 13
  • Year founded 1987
  • Boarding school tuition No Information
  • Curricula Host Country's National
  • Type Co-ed

Admissions Information

Admissions Process

All applicants must complete and submit an "Application Form" to the Admissions Department or complete the application using the online portal. The following documents must be submitted with the application form. • One (1) completed 4-page application form • Two (2) passport-sized photographs of the student applicant • One (1) copy of each report card or official transcript of the last two (2) grades completed This requirement is waived for PG1B applicants PG1A applicants and Grade 1 applicants may submit 1 year's records. Applicants seeking a placement in Secondary (Grade 9 to 12) must submit a grading scale along with an official transcript Applicants seeking a placement Elementary must submit a grading scale or explanation of the assessment scale/marks. Cases that concern the staff reviewing the folder should be followed up with the Deputy Principal. • A copy of the Applicant's Permanent HKID card or HK birth certificate with "Established" status for verification or a copy of the biographic page of the Applicant's Passport • A copy of the Applicant's Dependent Visa or Student Visa A place can be offered before a valid student visa/dependent visa is submitted. However, a valid student visa / dependent visa must be submitted to the office before the student can attend classes. • A copy of both Parent's and / or Guardian's Permanent HKID card or valid passport with a valid immigration visa issued from the Hong Kong Government English translation required for all documents • Payment of $1,000 Application Fee (non-refundable) payable by cash, EPS or check (not post-dated) payable to Delia School of Canada Completed Student Reference Form (email directly to admissions@delia.edu.hk) This requirement can be waived if the application package is reviewed by the Deputy Principal. This requirement is waived in the Summer months if approved by the Deputy Principal. Applications may be submitted to the Main Office in person, by post, by fax, online or by email. Faxed and emailed documents will be accepted but originals or clear photographs must be presented prior to the interview. School Tours are available in the following languages: English, Putonghua, Cantonese, Japanese, Hindi, and French. Families are encouraged to join a tour prior to the interview. Contact us today to arrange a school tour: www.delia.edu.hk/schooltours.aspx! In the case of an Applicant who requires a Student Visa/Dependent Visa, the admissions process cannot be finalized until the proper documentation has been submitted. Conditional enrollment may be granted pending visa approval. A student may not attend school or start classes without first providing the school proof of rights to remain in Hong Kong and attend classes.

Entry Requirements

• Application form • Passport photos of applicant • Copy of report cards / transcripts of last two completed grades (if applicable) • Copy of applicant's ID card • Copy of parents' ID card or visa • Copy of applicant's visa • Reference form

  • Application fee (domestic) $129 USD
  • Application fee (international) $129 USD


  • Assigns homework Yes
  • Use of technology in the classroom Yes
  • Language of instruction English
  • ELL support Yes
  • Native English teachers Yes
  • Number of teaching staff 90

School Life

  • Bus service Yes
  • Sports teams available Yes
  • Pastoral Care No
  • Do students practice religion at the school No
  • School provides lunch Yes
  • Uniform required Yes

University Relations

  • University counseling Yes