Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong
Rightmind Kindergarten

Thank you for considering Rightmind Kindergarten.


Dear Parents Rightmind Kindergarten offers a unique program in Hong Kong, offering guidance on prenatal education, all the way through to the end of pre-school. Our curriculum is based on a forecast of how we believe a child should be educated in order to make a positive contribution to the world of tomorrow. We believe that good virtues are the foundation of all successful people, and lie at the centre of a set of universal standards that are accepted by people of any race or nationality. The school also believes that a child should be taught from birth. Our philosophy that no child is ever too young to start learning is based on the premise that those at home and at school are equipped with the knowledge of what, when, why, and how to teach. We also believe that knowledge is always best delivered through cooperation between parents and teachers. As a school, we aim not only to teach our students, but to share with parents what we believe, through our own experience, to be the best grounding for good parenthood. This is just one of the principles that ensures that our students receive a firm "virtue-based" foundation from which they can build their own tower of knowledge. Rightmind Kindergarten embraces the teachings of "Dizigui". It is therefore essential for all of our staff to be familiar with its contents and to be able to provide positive examples to students at all times. We have the same expectations of parents whose children attend our school. It is only through such cooperation that we are able to "Teach them well and let them lead." Our graduates have developed advanced literacy in languages and music and have been taught to be compassionate and respectful to their parents, elders and friends. With these attributes at their disposal we believe they will be welcomed by both Eastern and Western cultures. The team at Rightmind Kindergarten works hard to avoid complacency in our teaching and curriculum. This ensures that we are on the right track towards providing children with the very best in preschool education. We thank you for your interest in Rightmind Kindergarten and look forward to working with you in nurturing your children to become responsible citizens. Betty Ho School Supervisor

  • Day school tuition $11283 - $12916 USD
  • Grades for day school Pre-K/Reception -
    Kindergarten/Year 1
  • Number of Students 225
  • Year founded 1980
  • Boarding school tuition No Information
  • Curricula UK National
  • Type Co-ed

Admissions Information

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  • Assigns homework No
  • Language of instruction Mandarin, English
  • Native English teachers Yes
  • Languages taught Mandarin, English, French, Spanish
  • Number of teaching staff 20

School Life

  • Bus service Yes
  • Sports teams available Yes
  • Pastoral Care No
  • Do students practice religion at the school No
  • School start time 08:45
  • School end time 16:15
  • School provides lunch Yes
  • Uniform required Yes
  • Average class size 10

University Relations

  • University counseling No