Shanghai China
Concordia International School Shanghai

Welcome to Concordia International School Shanghai! We are so excited to get to know you and show you what makes our vibrant community special. 


Concordia International School Shanghai is a co-educational day school, for students aged 3 to 18, located in the heart of Jinqiao—one of Shanghai’s largest international communities. Concordia is recognized for its dedication to academic excellence and for providing well-developed sports, arts, service and applied learning programs. Our caring, passionate faculty deliver a comprehensive American-based curriculum and pioneer programs that guide students toward life success. By partnering with engaged parents, we cultivate the best outcomes for each student. The community at Concordia creates the ideal foundation for the entire family’s success.

  • Day school tuition $30000 - $39000 USD
  • Grades for day school Pre-K/Reception -
    12th Grade/Year 13
  • Number of Students 1200
  • Year founded 1998
  • Boarding school tuition No Information
  • Curricula Advanced Placement
  • Type Co-ed


Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission (NLSA)


At Concordia, we seek out ways to foster deeper learning, a type of processing and learning marked by a student’s ability to transfer what they have learned to new situations. Our approach can be summed up as “deeper learning, wrapped in relationships.” Because we believe relationships feed collaboration and personalization, we tailor what we teach to who we teach. The relationships between teacher and student, student and student, as well as parent and school, unlock the potential inside all to become who they are capable of becoming.

Admissions Information

  • Students can join after the academic year begins Yes
  • Waiting List No


  • Assigns homework Yes
  • Use of technology in the classroom Yes
  • Language of instruction English
  • ELL support Yes
  • Teacher/Student ratio 9:1
  • Learning support Yes
  • Native English teachers Yes
  • Languages taught Mandarin, Spanish
  • Number of teaching staff 158
  • Examinations available

Teacher Qualifications

The majority of our 158 teaching faculty are from the United States. In addition, many teachers are from Canada, Australia, and China. All faculty members are certified teachers and 79% hold master’s degrees or higher. Nearly 72% of our teachers have over ten years teaching experience. We also enjoy a low annual teacher turnover rate.

Use of technology in the classroom

Apple computers (desktops, laptops and/or iPads) are present in every classroom. Early Childhood classrooms have access to desktops and iPads. Grade 1 and 2 classrooms have one Apple iPad for each pair of students to use during the school day.  Grade 3 and 4 classrooms have one Apple iPad and one Apple laptop for each pair of students to use during the school day. Students in Grade 6 to Grade 12 participate in a one-to-one laptop program. Family purchase of the required laptop is an additional expense beyond tuition.  The computer technology does not replace paper and pencil; rather it is used to enrich and enhance the learning process. Students are expected to use the computer as an age-appropriate learning tool for research, written work, graphics and presentations. The computer technology and wireless environment on campus is supported by our on-site Tech Hub, which is an Apple Authorized Service Center.

Learning Support

Concordia has limited services for students with special learning needs or specific learning disabilities. We ask families whose children have specialized schooling requirements to provide documentation of these needs and the reasons for these requirements. Admission is contingent upon a match between the student’s needs and level of service that we can provide to ensure the student’s success.

Languages Taught

Mandarin is compulsory and taught daily from Preschool through Grade 5. Students in Grade 6-8 choose from Spanish and Mandarin. Students in Grade 9 to Grade 12 choose from Spanish and Mandarin. All language programs include levels for students of differing language abilities.  Mandarin has two tracks- Mandarin as a Foreign Language and Heritage Mandarin. Students will take a placement test to determine their appropriate level.

School Life

  • Bus service Yes
  • Sports teams available Yes
  • Most common nationality USA
  • Max class size 20
  • School provides lunch Yes
  • Supervised care before or after school No
  • Uniform required Yes
  • Student nationalities 34
  • Average class size 15

Schools Facilities

Studies show that great facilities improve student learning. Concordia’s state-of-the-art facilities are purpose-built with an environmental, self-sustainable focus, and are designed to give our students the best possible environment in which to learn, play and develop artistic passion.

Our facilities provide the best opportunity for student-athletes to train and perform. Spaces are available for High School, Middle School and Elementary School students to use during and after school for training and play.

Bus Service

Optional bus transportation is available for students in most areas of Pudong and some areas of Puxi before and after school. Bus transportation is also available to regular bus riders following most of the co-curricular activities and athletics programs. The bus fee is not included in the tuition.

School Lunch

Concordia's food service provider is a world leading food service company. They provide a variety of services to the business, healthcare and education food service sectors with the highest level of professionalism and quality. They serve the diverse eating needs of millions of people every day - perfect for Concordia's multinational students, staff and faculty!


Our core curriculum is offered in the English language. An English assessment may be given as part of the application. Concordia offers support in the Elementary and Middle School divisions.

Sports Teams

Concordia’s Athletic Department provides a wholistic approach to athletics that encourages our students towards a growth mindset. For us, athletics is a vehicle to learn life lessons in self-management, teamwork and resiliency. We strive to teach our student athletes that winning is not only reflected on the score board but also in the development of self-confidence and commitment, as well as in sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership.


All students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 wear a uniform, which consists of a Concordia polo shirt (white or navy blue) and navy or khaki bottoms. Elementary students (Kindergarten through Grade 4) wear navy blue bottoms; students in Grade 5 to Grade 12 wear either navy blue or khaki bottoms. Students in Grade 5 to Grade 12 also need a Physical Education uniform. All uniform items can be purchased through the school. A detailed uniform policy is available on our web site. Preschool and prekindergarten students do not wear the school uniform and should come dressed for comfort, ease of movement, and self-sufficiency for hygiene and toileting.

University Relations

  • University counseling Yes
  • Percent that pursue university 100%

University Destinations

Our 221 graduates from the classes of 2018 to 2020 received 850 acceptances to 287 universities in 13 countries and matriculated to 103 institutions. 

University Counseling

You don't journey alone on the road to college. Whether you are studying for college entrance exams, taking finals, or writing college essays, your community of classmates, teachers, and counselors walk with you as you prepare.

Our High School counselors not only support our students through social, emotional, and academic counseling, they also use their experiences, professional networks, and expertise to help walk our students through the college and university application process and connect them to the universities that will best help them achieve their dreams.