Chiang Mai Thailand
Panyaden International School


"Panyaden International School was established in 2011 with a commitment to a “Genuine Values-based Education for a Sustainable Planet” with the aim to develop caring and compassionate global citizens for building a greener sustainable world. Panyaden ( Panya = 'Wisdom' + Den = 'Outstanding') is proud to offer a truly holistic approach to education, incorporating both the British Curriculum and Buddhist principles, to provide your child with an education that forms a solid foundation not only for successful academic study but also for a peaceful and fulfilling way of life.Our mission is to develop highly educated, resilient, thoughtful and caring individuals through a practical, values-based approach to education, catering to students from Early Learning, through to Primary and Secondary. Our vision is to see that our children excel academically, enrich their physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being and develop a caring and compassionate understanding of the environment, to benefit themselves, the people they meet and the planet.Success in life, whether in academic study, career or family life, is derived not only from a sharp intellect but also from the ability to communicate skillfully, overcome difficulties, manage one’s moods and make choices based on wisdom, compassion and understanding. Our efforts must be focused equally on helping children develop inner values as well as responsibility towards the world around them. To this end, we have created an atmosphere, an environment and a curriculum which are in harmony with the universal path to wisdom and happiness."

  • Day school tuition $6590 - $10645 USD
  • Grades for day school Pre-K/Reception -
    12th Grade/Year 13
  • Number of Students 350
  • Boarding school tuition No Information
  • Curricula UK National, IB Diploma, International Middle Years, International Primary
  • Type Co-ed


"Panyaden International School believes that education is key to achieving sustainable development goals, and that, accordingly, its role is to teach students the skills needed to look after our planet properly, to wisely manage our resources, and to assist in developing the local community.The cultivation of the school's universal values called '12 Wise Habits' is the cornerstone of its sustainability program. Sustainability is a cross-curricular subject within the International Primary and International Middle Years Programmes, wherein students are made aware of issues and inspired “to think critically, innovate, and provide solutions towards more sustainable patterns of living.At Panyaden, sustainability goes beyond the need to protect the environment. To us promoting sustainable success means making sure students and staff develop the inner strength and moral conduct needed to live a fulfilling life in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Students “learn to react to change without losing their centres.” Through the use of structured knowledge, students learn to make educated and solid decisions, their morality acting as a foundation from which to react and expand.

Admissions Information


  • Assigns homework Yes
  • Languages taught Mandarin, Thai

Languages Taught

The school also has a modern foreign languages (MFL) programme; all students (both Thai and non-Thai) must study Thai, and are also given a choice of Mandarin. This programme is well-suited to such an international school that has more than 40 different nationalities."

School Life

  • Max class size 27
  • Average class size 20