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Chatham Hall

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At Chatham Hall, an exemplary private school for girls, the core of everything we do, both in the classroom and beyond, is the Honor Code and Purple and Golden Rule. Together, these principles help maintain our unique, trust-based community, one in which every person is challenged to live each day with integrity. At Chatham Hall, trust is given before it's earned; once given, each person has the responsibility to keep it. Students, teachers, administrators, and staff all live by a system of shared values, rather than one of restrictive rules. The special privilege of the seniors is to lead the school by upholding the Honor Code and Purple and Golden Rule and by educating the student body on these principles.

  • Day school tuition N/A - $24000 USD
  • Grades for day school 9th Grade/Year 10 -
    12th Grade/Year 13
  • Year founded 1894
  • Boarding school tuition $49000 - $56800 USD
  • Grades for boarding school 9th Grade/Year 10 -
    12th Grade/Year 13
  • Curricula Host Country's National
  • Type Girls



Admissions Information

Admissions Process

• Application • Essay • Supplements • Student Application • Parent Questionnaire • Recommendations • Transcripts: Current year transcript and two previous years. • Interview: Contact a member of the Admission Team at to schedule your interview. Interviews are conducted on campus, via Skype, or as we travel to your area! • Test Scores: Register for the SSAT today by visiting Please send scores to Chatham Hall, school code 2344. • International applicants must submit current TOEFL scores. Please visit for registration information. Chatham Hall's DI code is 0799.

Entry Requirements

• Application form • Parent questionnaire • Recommendations • Transcripts

Applicant Evaluations

SSAT. International applicants: TOEFL.

  • First application deadline 25 January
  • Application fee (domestic) $50 USD
  • Application fee (international) $175 USD


  • Assigns homework Yes
  • Use of technology in the classroom Yes
  • Language of instruction English
  • ELL support Yes
  • Native English teachers Yes
  • Languages taught Mandarin, French, Latin, Spanish
  • Examinations available Advanced Placement - AP


Use of technology in the classroom

Technology being used to modify and redefine the way students and teachers interact and learn. We do not believe that technology should be used as a substitute for existing methodology – it should be used to allow a level of exploration that beforehand may have been unattainable. Our teachers freely navigate the classroom with mobile technology, and enhanced wireless capability. iPads, laptops, and wireless data projection allows for exploration and creation from any point in the room, and fosters easy access to collaboration, and demonstration of lessons learned. Our students and teachers are writers, journalists, news anchors, documentarians, radio hosts, feature film creators, and music videographers. They are talent and technicians, artists, musicians, and people with the tools and medium to express themselves in many formats. They write essays, papers, books and scholarly articles. They publish worldwide for the critique and input of a vast audience. They produce films and audio documents that are available for the world to see and hear. They code the apps and software that are used by others to enhance and redefine their own educational experiences, and further their lives. We, as a community, are leaders of the digital age. Our students collaborate and work remotely with classes and people from all over the world using file sharing and video conferencing technology. Lessons shared between cultures creates an understanding of others, while enhancing one's perception of self. Educational technology brings vast resources into play, and may include interactive discussion, file sharing, collaboration, and real-time discourse. Our students fully understand the implications of living in a world where information, both good and bad, can travel the world and be presented as truth in a nano-second. Our students are thoughtful about their use of social media. As adults and mentors we recognize the positiveness of these platforms, and support their informed use. Our students learn how to differentiate between good and bad information, and resist the impulse to take the easy way out regarding research. In short, we envision our students, faculty, and staff representing the best of breed for the age of the new digital citizen.

School Life

  • Sports teams available Yes
  • Most common nationality US
  • School provides lunch Yes
  • Uniform required No
  • Average class size 8

Living Accommodations

The rooms in our three dorms are unique, comfortable and spacious. Students enjoy shared common spaces around each dorm. And, everything is centrally located! Getting to the dining hall, classrooms, library, and other campus facilities is as easy as walking down the hall.

School Lunch

Our dining program offers a wide variety of healthy, fresh, and sustainable foods — that also happen to be delicious! There are vegetarian and other dietary options, new things you might not have tried, and favorites just like you make at home, all chosen to help our students grow into healthy, strong young women. Local and sustainable ingredients, three seated meals a week Our Head Chef and the Dining Services team work hard to keep the menus fresh and listed meals are subject to change.

Sports Teams

Basketball, Cross Country, Dance, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball

Religion at School

Chatham Hall encourages spiritual reflection in all aspects of life on campus. Rather than emphasizing religious differences, we focus on what we have in common — our human spirituality — and encourage girls to participate in ways that are most meaningful to them.

University Relations

  • University counseling Yes