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Brewster Academy

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Brewster is an elite boarding school without the elitism: an intellectually diverse and academically challenging community that nurtures curiosity, confidence, collaboration, and character in preparation for lives of meaning and accomplishment. Brewster students: Learn to master academic content and the skills that matter in life. Transform in an academically challenging environment without standardization. Believe in our shared responsibility for success. Understand their potential. Feel empowered to achieve in an environment inclusive of everyone's unique talent. Emerge with a strong sense of self and a deep commitment to others. Know that Brewster is the way education should be: the perfect balance of academic and emotional development in a place where all can do their best without having to best each other.

  • Day school tuition N/A - $37975 USD
  • Grades for day school 9th Grade/Year 10 -
    Post Graduate
  • Year founded 1820
  • Boarding school tuition N/A - $64950 USD
  • Grades for boarding school 9th Grade/Year 10 -
    Post Graduate
  • Curricula Host Country's National
  • Type Co-ed


New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc.

Admissions Information

Admissions Process

• Step One - Inquire: Fill out our online Inquiry form so we can learn a little about you and your interests. Once we receive the inquiry form, we will send you materials by mail (email for international students). We encourage you to schedule your campus visit and interview as soon as possible. • Step Two - Your Brewster Admissions Portal: Once we receive your Inquiry form, you will receive an email with information to access the Admissions Portal. Log on to your Brewster Admissions Portal to track your application status. You will be able to see what items have been completed and what might still be missing. Create an SSAT account to submit your application materials. Brewster requires applicants to use the Standard Application Online (SAO), which is administered by ssat.org. (See Step Four below)IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CREATE BOTH A BREWSTER PORTAL AND AN SSAT ACCOUNT. Please note your usernames and passwords, and bookmark these links for easier access in the future. If you would like to request a portal account for a family member, or if you need help accessing your portal account, please contact Marsha Brooks. • Step Three - Schedule Campus Visit and Interview: Get to know our community first-hand by touring campus with one of our tour guides and meeting Brewster faculty, staff, and students along the way. Please contact us to schedule your interview at 603-569-7200 or admissions@brewsteracademy.org. Skype interviews may be available for students who are not able to visit campus. Please contact us to schedule your Skype interview and if you aren't able to visit in person; be sure to visit the 360° Campus Tour on our website! • Step Four - Application and Required Materials: Brewster uses the Standard Application Online (SAO) through SSAT to process our applications. To start your application, visit ssat.org and create an account. Be sure to select Brewster as a recipient school. Our school code is 1828. You will be able to track the status of your application through your Brewster Admissions Portal. In addition to the application, we require the following: Recent testing information (standardized, achievement, educational)—examples: SSAT, SAT, WISC, ERB, Iowa, Stanford, TOEFL (TOEFL school code is 8008) and others; teacher recommendations: current English, math and advisor or third teacher (note: the principal recommendation through the SAO can be given to a third teacher or advisor in place of a principal); and most recent transcript: To send testing other than SSAT to Brewster, please send by fax 603-569-7272 or by email to admissions@brewsteracademy.org or through our secure email center.

Entry Requirements

• Standardized testing • Interview • Letters of recommendation • Application form

Applicant Evaluations


  • First application deadline 1 February, rolling admissions after
  • Second application deadline Rolling


  • Assigns homework Yes
  • Use of technology in the classroom Yes
  • Language of instruction English
  • ELL support Yes
  • Native English teachers Yes
  • Examinations available Advanced Placement - AP



Use of technology in the classroom

Brewster Academy has 25 years of experience with integrating technology into the classroom. We began our one-to-one laptop program in 1993 and have been continuously learning and evolving how to meaningfully integrate the latest technologies into the classroom experience ever since. It has never been about just putting computers in the hands of teachers and students; instead, it is all about intentionally connecting the power of technology with our established set of teaching practices so that the learning process is more efficient, effective, and relevant for you. It has always been our goal to put the student at the center of the learning process and technology is one of the tools that helps us do that.

Learning Support

The goal of the Instructional Support program at Brewster is to accelerate student learning by providing a customized program that recognizes the student's talents while helping them acquire the skills and strategies needed to become an independent lifelong learner. This individualized program is designed to enhance a student's reading, writing, organization, time management, and study skills. Upon your acceptance to Brewster, our admission team will review your interview, application, educational achievement and aptitude test results, teacher recommendations, transcripts, and other information. We'll determine your educational needs and complete a skill development plan as part of the decision-making process. If we recommend you for instructional support, your admittance to Brewster is contingent on your participation in the program.

School Life

  • Sports teams available Yes
  • Most common nationality US
  • School provides lunch Yes
  • Uniform required No
  • Average class size 11

Living Accommodations

Brewster students live in 18 residence halls, with residences designated for lower school and upper school students. Many rooms offer a lakefront view and all come furnished with a bed, curtains, desk, chair, and dresser. In addition, each hall has lounges and common areas with TVs, DVD players, refrigerators, and microwaves for student use.

Schools Facilities


School Lunch

Brewster's dining program strives to serve a variety of fresh, and when possible, locally grown food to the Brewster community. As an academic institution, we believe that our dining program shares in the educational responsibility of the campus. Providing good quality, healthy food in an attractive setting is a major goal. Literature throughout the dining room promotes and educates students about the types and quantities of food needed for a healthy lifestyle. A Wood-fired Brick Oven for pizzas, breads, roasts, frittatas, and other delicious fare Cooking classes by our own Chefs for the students of Brewster when applicable Sustainability: providing fresh produce and meats from NH farms On-campus garden maintained by our Chefs Dining committee of students meets with Brewster Chefs once a month Menu planning that's nutrition based No MSG or products with high fructose corn syrup are purchased We pride ourselves on excellent quality and utilize seasonal products Occasional community dinners with white table cloth service Chef Tom's dancing bear brunch omelet show every Sunday morning Our kitchen staff is highly trained to accommodate any allergies or intolerances All scratch cooking Pizza and wings night every Friday Large projection screen in the dining hall for when the big game or the big show is on. Staff that has been around year after year

Sports Teams

Alpine Skiing, Baseball, Basketball, Climbing, Crew, Cross Country, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Freestyle Skiing, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Sailing, Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Tennis

Religion at School

There are a number of various Christian services within walking distance. The Catholic church is about 10 minutes away, the nearest synagogue is about 45 minutes away and the nearest mosque is about an hour away. If you are interested in attending services regularly and/or would like to attend for major holidays, reach out to the Weekend Activities Coordinator, and they will be sure to get you there.

University Relations

  • University counseling Yes